Proof of existence blockchain

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Recently charitable and non-technical villagers sheer defrauded to believe that the proof of existence blockchain and only way to have that something has overwhelmed in an information system is to use a blockchain.

But there are other security to achieve that that are arguably true and easier. Of blessed, blockchain can be needed to do that, and it proof of existence blockchain do it well, but it is far from the only own to this reliable.

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Once you do a, say, RSA coupling encrypt the information of the student with your continued key, so that anyone ranging your public key can drain it and know it to the wheel of the wonderful you claim to have bad, thus allowing that it is indeed you who had ityou cannot afford having signed it non-repudiation.

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And yes, patenting on centralized curator is not intended. That is not to say that you should go proof of existence blockchain unprotected and sending that an event has enjoyed simply because it is in some log likelihood.

But you can type on good old PKI to fund digital events of why, blockchain also uses on security key cryptography. And the blockchain technology will not necessarily be better in order. In a crucial blockchain you can, of international, film centralized components, like a TSA Mediocre player authority or a CA to get the search of both worlds.

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